It’s been a year!!! Another life update… where to go from here…

I can’t believe I made it to one whole year!

This isn’t easy for me to do, especially right now but I need a break… I have too many things going on in my life right now. I am about to graduate college and enter the work force. I am currently pursuing the president position at my fraternity chapter. I am taking an extra course, on top of my 15 credit course load, to become a paralegal. I am also working 30 hours a week. OH! I also recently started seeing a new girl after the last one broke up with me, this new girl is amazing btw!

Let me start out by saying that I’m sorry for disappearing these last few months. The above paragraph was written a month before this one you are reading right now. Since then, I was elected to be president of my fraternity, I’m halfway through my Paralegal course with a solid 97% in the course! My business network has ballooned exponentially through connecting with people and conducting mock interviews with companies of interest. I’ve been dating a new girl, our 2 month anniversary was a few weeks ago. She’s great! All things are going well. Well, except for the blog…

I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down to watch the news let alone watch and review anime. So, even though I’ve kind of already done this, I’m taking a break. I’m focusing specifically on school, networking, and leading my fraternity to success. When the semester ends, I want to restart watching anime, but I’ll be reviewing and stockpiling posts throughout the summer. So hopefully by late August, early September, I can start scheduling posting of blog posts for the coming months. I will dialing it back when I do start blogging again, maybe 2 posts week or so but no more than that.

Recently, I’ve lost a little of the love I have with anime. Focusing my life primarily on school, networking, and the fraternity has discouraged me from watching anything because I don’t want to start something I know I won’t finish in the next month or so. March comes like a lion is a perfect example. I really enjoyed watching that show. But I haven’t watched an episode in over 2 months. I’ll have to restart the show to understand anything that is going on and can’t do that right now. It’s getting to the point where so much anime is coming out and I’m falling behind so fast that I don’t know if it’s worth trying to catch up to what the industry is pumping out every 3 months.

I know this all sounds bad and like I’m going to quit blogging. In all honesty, it has crossed my mind more and more every week. I mean, my computer logged me out of my account, that’s how inactive I’ve been recently. I know I don’t have a good track record with keeping the goals I set for this blog, but I’m setting one more for old times sake. I want to stockpile blog posts over the summer and restart this blog by the end of August. I feel like I have unfinished business and so much to learn about blogging that I haven’t achieved yet. Please be patient with me while I stumble through life again. Thank you to everyone reading this. I will return soon.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. lynlynsays says:

    It’s good to take a break when life happens! The blogging world will miss you but we shall still be here XD

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    No worries, everyone comes to a point like this once in a while. Even though blogging can be a lot of fun, it is not as important as real life. Even though things see, very busy for you, it’s nice to read that everything is at least going well. Take good care of yourself, and as Lynlynsays says above here: we won’t be going anywhere. Take care 😊

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