Reality Check

Hello and welcome to Reality Check!

Now… there is a pun somewhere about my name and this blog segment but I won’t go there.

This is going to be a segment on my blog where I talk about my opinions on certain topics/big events in the anime/manga community, life changing events, and maybe about just big world events as well. I will sprinkle philosophical posts and reality questioning posts here and there as well. Be it the good or bad but mostly the controversial. This will most likely be the only segment on my blog that will include things non anime related. This segment is also going to serve as my sanctuary from everything in the real world. Where I can write whatever I feel and how I perceive the reality we live in. We are all on our own reality, we just choose to believe reality is the same for everyone.  Some of these posts will have a lot of meaning and raw emotion to them as well.

I hope you enjoy and if anyone reading this wants to know my two cents on any topic, drop a comment and I will talk about it.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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