50 Followers!!! Update

It’s happened!!! It’s finally happened! I’ve been waiting for it for the past two weeks! I’ve finally reached 50 followers on WordPress! Thank you all so much! What a great gift from you all right before I leave for a 12 day vacation! You all are amazing. I have some updates and announcements to make….

I’m up for the challenge, 12 days of anime

I heard about this last December and really thought it was a cool concept. I wasn’t blogging last December but watching all my favorite reviewers do it was pretty entertaining. I didn’t really understand how to do it last year and I still don’t really get what I’m supposed to do but I’m gonna wing….

My second blogging award!

Oh my goodness, another award already?! Thank you so much¬†Raislin0903¬†for nominating me for this award. I am extremely grateful and am glad you find my content enjoyable. I’ve started to notice more activity lately which has surprised me since I’ve been so inactive lately, but please know that I am eternally grateful for it! Let’s…

My Japan Trip: Day 4

This was another great day! The only thing that stunk about today was that I had to head back to Osaka from Kyoto to catch my plane the next day. My day started just like yesterday, a small breakfast and rush out the door. I checked in my room key and was quickly on my…