My dirty Secret: Day 12 #12daysofanime

It coming to the end of this #12daysofanime saga! So to end this on an interesting note. I’ll share my secret about what I don’t tell people about my anime watching. I have seen almost none of the famous anime that get people into anime. Bleach? Nope. One Piece? Naw man. Cowboy Bebop? Not yet…

The only anime that helps my case is Naruto, although I haven’t even seen all of the original yet. I’m on episode 160 I think. I know right?! I’m a shame on the anime community! ;_;

I guess why this is a big moment is because, I never watched Naruto when I was younger. The only show that’s considered anime that I watched as a kid was the original YuGiOh. Anyway, what I’m getting at is I didn’t start watching Naruto this year but While I was finishing up the most recent arc I am currently on. The Kurosuki Family Removal Mission

I realized something, at the end of this anime-only arc I understood the popularity of the show (even though I didn’t much care for this arc). I kind of reverted myself to a 10-year old version of myself and I understood why this show is so popular and it made me understand why other shows in this genre are so popular and are still ongoing to this day. It made me feel what it was like to sit at home all day as a kid and watch cartoons or play games during the summer. What it felt like to be infatuated about a show and immerse yourself in it.

It also opened my eyes a little and made me give other long running shows a chance. I’m not a huge fan of long running shows because I just don’t have enough time to ever catch up, yay for college right? But from Naruto it makes me a little more open-minded to all the shonen genre has to offer.

And on that somber note, I’ll end the final post in this 12 days of anime saga. Thank you so much for being with me on this journey and if this is the first post you are seeing in the series, welcome! Have a beautiful day and happy holidays!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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