Favorite Manga: Day 10 #12daysofanime

This was a tough decision to make, I read a lot of manga and a lot of light novels this year. But I’ve come this conclusion with a manga that I started this year. My favorite that I read this year is hands down Mahou shoujo of the end.

I by far had the most enjoyable time reading this manga compared to any other one. From the massive amount of death and gore to inside Japanese jokes that I don’t understand, I love it all. Another part that I really enjoyed is that within the first 4 chapters, so many characters died, I lost track. It’s so uncommon to see a series that has this little plot armor for anyone in the series. It brings a much needed suspense to a series that is already fast paced and crazy.

The concept is not completely original but I love the low key satire of using magical girls as a tool of killing everyone in the world. There are so many shows emerging with a concept of cute magical girls fighting intense battles. Seeing the opposite, where the magical girls are the bad guys, is really refreshing and really amusing.

Another nice thing about this series is it’s so gruesome. When a series shows a small girl being brutally murdered, you know this series hold nothing back and anything could happen. Not many recent anime, manga, or light novels have been able to instill this in me. Did you have a series that made you feel like nothing was off-limits? I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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