Guilty pleasure: Day 8 #12daysofanime

We all have that one anime, the one we never tell people we love to watch. Usually it’s something weird like an over the top ecchi anime like Kiss X Sis (best anime of all time 10/10) or something super mainstream that gets a lot of hate like Sword Art Online and some have Yaoi and Yuri (although some people love it as more than a guilty pleasure). For me… it’s anime with incest in it…

I’m outta here man! That’s too weird!

Wait! Before you unfollow my blog! Let me explain!

I don’t know why I just really find these types of shows interesting. It’s so outside the norm in western media, Like seriously, if a show with incest came out in the states, mass hysteria would break out and no one would watch it. But it’s so common in anime that it just intrigues me. I secretly root for it to happen because it’s such an uncommon occurrence in life that seeing it in shows and stuff is kinda cool. I feel the same way about killing off main characters and having a depressing show. It’s so uncommon that I really enjoy it.

I’ve gotten to the point in my anime watching that certain anime tropes get old, like falling over onto a women’s breasts and then getting punched in the face. Although for some reason I never grow tired of seeing anime with a little bit of incest in it.

It’s pretty obvious why I don’t tell people this but now I am on my blog now so… crap. Don’t tell anyone please!

This really became apparent to me when I was watching chivalry of a failed knight. When the male MC gets kissed by his little sister, I was immediately more interested in the show than I was an episode earlier. I was rooting for them to get together, knowing full well him and the female MC would end up together (like every romance ever!). I think that’s when I started down this weird road. I think part of it is that it is seen as so taboo in real life, mainly because if you create offspring, they can have horrible birth defects. That’s probably the biggest reason why this interests me. Much like my interest in North Korea and the Holocaust. They both are crazy and messed up but for that reason alone is what makes me study both.

Am I just crazy or do you have a guilty pleasure like me as well? I’d love to hear it!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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