Changing tastes: Day 7 #12daysofanime

Throughout this year, I was exceptionally busy. Life has this way of taking it easy on you one year (2015) then saying, “OH BOY, I’m gonna kill you.” the next year. That’s what 2016 did to me, albeit I did bring some of it on myself but regardless. This year being so busy I really didn’t get as much anime in as I would have liked. The only good side to this was I looked into a lot of different styles, such as anime shorts.

I watched quite a few anime shorts for that reason, they were short. Maybe 4 minute or 7 minute episodes a piece. With such a busy life, I can manage that. With this comes a lot of genres that don’t get the same amount of screen time as say shounen or ecchi anime does. So I watched a lot of weird moe, magical girl, and slice of life anime shorts and to be honest… They were really fun to watch. I never got into these genres a lot because they didn’t really appeal to me, but with such a short run time I said, “eh, 4 minutes an episode with only 12 episodes? Sure, it’s not that long.”

I’m the kind of anime watcher that never drops shows, I will almost always watch a show to the end. If a show doesn’t make me feel like I will watch it all the way to the end. I won’t watch it. Now that I have a good taste of what these genres have to offer, I will probably look into them more and start watching them more often! I’m slowly broadening my anime spectrum. As long as I don’t get into anything too weird, it’s all good. Was there any genres or shows you don’t normally watch but watched anyway? I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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