Best Girl: Day 6 #12daysofanime

Let me begin this with… This is my opinion, you might have different tastes. Just kidding, I bow to no one! My choice for best girl IS the best girl of the year. What you say means NOTHING! hahaha! Let’s begin…

From the picture you can guess that my pick for best girl is… Kirin Todou!


Did I fool you? Probably not. Either way I’ve come to the conclusion that Kirin is best girl. From her character design to her voice actress to her personality, she has it all. I usually vote against the obvious love interest in most shows but this one especially. I really think she was one of the better characters and had a decent amount of screen time as well. I really liked her voice actress as well. The mix between sounding really naive on some subjects but really experienced in others. Her character design doesn’t hurt either.

The only flaw in an otherwise perfect female character is her backstory. Her backstory isn’t really dived into very much. Which really bummed me out. But what I liked about her is she didn’t really fit into any of the typical female love interest tropes. She wasn’t the first to get screen time, she’s not the childhood friend, She just meets Ayato and fights him, loses and practically falls in love… Perfect! Exactly what I want.

What was your best girl pick of the year? I’d love to debate it with you! haha

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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