Favorite Anime: Day 5 #12daysofanime

It’s hard for me to pick what my favorite anime that I watched this year is. In terms of genre I can tell you my favorite anime in each specific genre. It’s hard for me to pick an overall favorite when it comes to anime. A lot of anime these days are very set in their genre and don’t budge very much from them. So when a show breaks that mold and moves around into different genres and can still provide a coherent story and keep me engaged; I’m all over it!

Looking back at this year, I’ve realized that I didn’t watch that much anime at all! If I were to guess, maybe 10 short series or so. That’s pathetic, I spent most of my time reading manga and light novels… and working full-time and being a full-time student… kill me. ;_;

I think the show that stands out the most to me, and I haven’t even finished it yet, is Re:Zero. Re:Life stands out as well, but I’ve already talked about it so I’ll let that one be. Re:Zero was really probably the most enjoyable show I started watching this year. Even though I haven’t finished it yet, I’m gonna call it now that it is still gonna be great once I finish it and it’s still gonna be my favorite anime of the year. With Re:Life and Sweetness and lightning coming in as close 2nd and 3rd.

Re:Zero had a lot going on in it. It’s one of the few shows that makes me hate the main male character and I commend it for that. It’s ability to switch around from serious to funny then to psychological all in the same episode was really cool. I look forward to finishing it and I eventually reviewing it. What was your favorite anime you watched this year? I’d love to know!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    It is difficult to choose between two shows, so I am not going to, as I enjoyed them both very much. It was Another and Erased. Both were fantastic in my opinion. Have not seen this one yet, but it sounds like a great watch πŸ˜€

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    1. samreality says:

      Erased was good but I enjoyed re:zero a lot too. I definitely recommend it. Thanks for the read. 😊

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  2. Elisabeth O'Neill says:

    Re:Zero was definitely one of my favourites, but in my mind it can’t beat Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju. As beautiful and heartbreaking as Re:Zero was, Rakugo did something I’d never seen before in its storytelling. The way the rakugo performances complemented the tragedies of the characters was a joy to watch.

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    1. samreality says:

      I’ve never heard of that anime. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks 😊

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  3. VayneLine says:

    I hated the MC in rezero, thus hated the show

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