I’m getting older: Day 4 #12daysofanime

Another fun life realization, I’m getting older. This was the stand out of Summer 2016 in my mind. Kind of the sleeper anime of the year, since all the episodes came out at the same time. A lot of people binge watched it (I did), then kind of forgot about it. For me, I started watching it pretty late in the season, at the end of the season actually. So most of the hype was kind of worn off by the time I got around to watching it. I got tired of waiting for Re:zero and boku no hero academia episodes to come out so I used this to satisfy my anime needs right before I left the country at the end of August.

In the summer, I was just starting a part-time internship on top of working a full-time overnight job. So I had virtually no time to do much. At the end of summer, I finally got around to watching it. I am so glad I did. It was a very good show and offered a lot of commentary about older anime fans.

The smoking part made me laugh so hard! If I was in his shoes I would’ve acted the same way. Except it would have been chewing tobacco not cigarettes (I’ve since quit chewing tobacco). Seeing the main MC (Arata) try and participate in gym was great as well. I have slow approaching knee problems that may require surgery so I can 100% relate to his struggle, pretty sad for me to say considering I’m only 21. Anyway, how he approaches situations in the high school was very interesting as well.

While anyone of any age can watch and enjoy this show. I truly believe the author focused this anime more towards an older audience. Now that I’m in college and about to graduate. I am facing the problems Arata was having at the beginning. The struggle of looking for a job, coping with adult problems (such as death), and becoming a functioning member of society.

I could also relate exactly with how he came to conclusions in the high school. When I was in high school I never would have made those conclusions but looking back on it, I would have made the same judgement calls he made if I was put in my high school self. The growth he has as a character is on par with people his age in real life and that is a great addition to his character. The whole production seemed to be run by adults, Arata wasn’t the center of attention the entire show, tough decisions were made, and real life situations were handled like they would have been handled in real life.

Watching Arata continue to grow and see what he does really brought me to this realization: we’re are not kids anymore. I’ve regarded myself as an adult since I was 18 but I’ve never really felt like it. Even now when I’m traveling the world and am the most free I have ever been, I sometimes feel like a child that needs guidance and approval from elders. This series really points out that while needing guidance is not a bad thing, it is not needed when you say it is not needed. At the end, Arata came to a conclusion about himself and got the closure he really needed to proceed with his life. Arata realized he no longer needed guidance from his old mentor and could give guidance to those younger than him who need it now.

Now, I am by no means to the level of giving guidance to others (like anyone would listen to 21 year old’s guidance anyway) but at this stage of life, I no longer need guidance. I want it from time to time, but I am no longer locked in that prison of repetition of asking for answers in life. I answer my own questions and if I’m wrong, I was still right in the end because I made the decision and strove forward. Pretty deep for an anime post but I hope you enjoyed! How did you like this anime? Did you have any of the same feelings I had while watching the show? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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