Japan Trip: Day 3 #12daysofanime

Alright, so this was very recent. The second week of October, I went to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. I did a whole series about my time in Japan, You can find it here. It was an amazing experience! There was so much manga, it was overwhelming. There were shelves upon shelves of manga that you could take off the shelf and read. There were chairs and tables scattered throughout and they also had a large green area where you could set a blanket down and read the manga. It was awesome, I’m just bummed that I couldn’t read Japanese enough to read any of it and that I didn’t have more time to be there. There was English manga I could’ve read but I just didn’t have enough time to take a good look at it all.

They had a really cool shop that sold all kinds of anime goodies! I bought a Yowamushi pedal: Grand tour key chain and some post cards. Like most of my traveling during my time abroad, I catch a cheap flight with no checked bag, which means I can’t buy a lot of stuff. So I decided against buying anything too much. Although, I have several key chains from Boku no hero acedamia, Re:Life, and Yowamushi pedal now. That is what I really liked, I can place those key chains all over my room back home and in my car.

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