ReLIFE: Anime Review

So this was an interesting ride, one that I would love to take again. The biggest catch when I first heard about this anime was that all the episodes were released at once. I knew that if I liked it I didn’t have to wait each week to see what happens. Which was what happened since I binge watched this series in a day. I also thought the concept of the show was rather interesting, I’ve never really watched anime like this one so this was a new experience.

Meet 27 year old Arata Kaizaki, unemployed and a chronic smoker who just got cut off from his parents financial support. He is met by Ryou Yoake late one night walking home after being out with an old high school friend. Ryou has an interesting proposition for him. Become the second test subject by taking a magical pill that will turn him into a 17 year old high school student. What is asked of Arata is to enroll as a third year student at the local school and live life like a high school student again. All expenses will be paid for and there is a strong possibility that the company can get Arata a job upon successfully finishing his one-year contract with Ryou. Which is what really brings Arata to the decision to take Ryou up on his offer.

*Snaps fingers a few times* Smokes, Let’s go.

Arata is currently jobless because he left his old job after just three months. For anyone who is in the job field that they went to college for, if you leave your FIRST job of your professional career after only 3 months you are gonna have an incredibly hard time finding another job. It is seen as a hit on your personal character and your ability to perform the task at hand and interact with your co-workers, it also questions your loyalty to the company. So he is pretty quick to sign on the dotted line for this opportunity.

As you can guess, for a man almost 10 years a graduate from high school, going back can be pretty cringe inducing. Boy are we in for a treat! The first day starts out with him forgetting his pencil case and the teacher finding his smokes in his bag. Later on he is forced to go into the teachers office and talk to the teacher. We find out here that his teacher is actually younger than him and is requiring him to write a paper about the smokes.

From left to right: Chiziru Hishiro, Rena Kariu, Arata Kaizaki, An Onoya, Ryou Yoake, Kazuomi Ooga

There is a colorful collection of characters in this show. So many that I won’t even go into detail on all of them. Chiziru is a quiet girl with a hard time expressing her feelings. Rena is a smart girl with an obvious crush on Kazuomi. Onoya is another mature soul (in terms of reading people and situations, not personality) just like Arata. And Ryou is… well Ryou, he doesn’t do much. He acts as the overseer of the show, which adds some nice dialogue to the show and helps flesh out certain situations. What makes this show interesting is that even though each character isn’t totally fleshed out it’s really nice to see that all characters get about the same amount of screen time. Even though Arata is the MAIN main character, he’s not completely the center of attention all the time.

I was pleasantly surprised about this show and I think this series deserves a second season as well. For the older (in age I mean) anime fans, like me, you will gain a special amount of enjoyment out of this show. If you are out of high school and either in the work force or in college, there’s a sort of realism and personal-ness to this show. You can really put yourself in Arata’s shoes and feel his pain during certain sequences.

For me, this show was super refreshing. It brought me back to see the good things about high school. Now I wasn’t the biggest fan of high school but after watching this show, it kind of triggered this nostalgia trip for me. Another thing I really liked about this show is Arata’s ability not be super dense. He actually can tell when people are in love with each other and see through other similar anime tropes. This served two purposes for the show in my eyes; 1: it gives you something new, I’m so tired of anime tropes so it was nice to see this 2: it highlighted the maturity of Arata. It made me realize that, while the dense trope is usually in anime, most high school students are like that. They have this revolving door of emotions, I did too at that age. You can go from depression to happiness faster than I can get out of bed. That plays a heavy toll on your self esteem and can make you shy away from things (i.e. your feeling towards another person or denying those feelings all together). While they still did this in a typical anime fashion, it brought up good points about how the mind works at that age.

Snap 2016-07-07 at 12.13.55
I find myself doing this to younger people as well and I’m not even that old!!!

This story made me self reflect the decisions I had made in the past during my time as high schooler. I should’ve done that or said this to that person. While I have few regrets about my time as a high school student, it still makes you think about it a lot throughout the duration of this show.

For all that and more I give this show a 7/10. While this show has flaws, plat holes, and a few questions I really wanted an answer to but never got em. I still really enjoyed this show and I think anyone who is a college student or older will greatly enjoy this show as well.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Scott says:

    At some point, I need to actually get around to watching this. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

    Thanks for the review.


    1. samreality says:

      Yeah, it had a nice balance of many genres without feeling like there’s too much of one genre. If you plan on watching it, you might want to set aside enough time to binge watch the entire thing.


  2. Karandi says:

    I quite enjoyed ReLIFE as well. I would like to see a continuation so that we can get to the end of the school year (given they’ve given a clear timelimit for the whole going back to high school thing it would be nice to see it through). I definitely liked that I could binge this from the get-go. I think week ot week it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Arria Cross says:

    Hello Sam,
    I haven’t watched ReLife yet but I’m hearing quite a lot about this series. It’s so intriguing! It’s already on my to-watch list. Thanks for submitting this post to my Fujinsei Blog Carnival. Keep on watching anime and blogging. Cheers!


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