My first few days in Hong Kong: leaving those I love behind

Hello all! This post is going to be similar to the last one. It turns out that I am locked out of my Crunchyroll account due to my laptop and phone locating themselves in Hong Kong. Unfortunately that means I’ll have to find a different way of watching anime. For some reason Funimation still lets me watch shows so I’ll be able to finish Boku no hero acedamia relatively soon. Reviews will be coming soon, once I get my classes figured out and am certain that said classes will be applied to my major back at my home university.

I have spent 5 days in Hong Kong so far. Overall, I have had fun. I have gotten a chance to look around the campus and to be honest… It’s huge! The campus is crazy big compared to my home university. This is a nice change for me since I always wanted to go to a large university, the U of M was my first choice, but the high price tag that came with big schools deterred me from enrolling. The library has 6 floors and that’s not the only library on campus! I still don’t know where their recreation building is yet, but I can’t wait to find out. I really want to join their intramural basketball team and just destroy. I’m pretty good at basketball and with my height I would be unstoppable! hahahaha

Gonna go ham salad on these noobs!

The area I live in is by no means glamorous. I live in a run down flat in a room that is 60 square feet and most of that 60 feet is the height of the ceiling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This is kind of interesting and cool. I get to see what most college students will never even see, let alone experience for 4 months of their life. Already it has given me a new perspective on things and the world. I went photographing earlier this week and walked to water and the first thing I noticed is the vast amount of garbage in the water. It was really disheartening. As someone who actively participates in river clean-ups and has helped spearhead river cleaning events, this really makes me sad. But this is how they live. This is common for those who live here. It’s bad but it is what it is.

Already I’ve realized how much I’ve taken for granted back in the U.S.. Instant food like instant noodles and rice are huge hits and most people eat them regularly. My roommate has a steady diet of canned soup and instant noodles. Even electricity, in the 5 days I’ve been here the lights breaker in my apartment has gone out twice and I’ve had to switch the breaker back on. Not a big deal by any means but the concept that I’ve accepted this as normal whereas in America if this happened I’d be completely surprised as that never happens unless there is a huge storm knocking down power lines. Clean water as well, my landlady told me upon moving in 5 days ago that I would get very sick if I drank the tap water. I need to boil it at least once before it is safe to drink. The same with lettuce at the supermarket, if the lettuce is not “organic” it needs to be washed and boiled before it can be consumed. So no salads for me while I’m here then.

download (1)
I don’t know what anyone is saying!

I have received such a heavy dose of culture shock that it’s not even funny. That is the main reason I’m writing this and not waiting a few more days.

The main reason I started blogging is because of two reasons. 1. I wanted to become more involved in the anime community I love so much and 2. Writing helps soothe my mind and keeps me from being alone in my head for too long. People working through tough times will understand when I say that. The mind is a beautiful thing but it can also paralyze you with fear and insecurity. I started writing in February of this year because of these reasons. I’m in such a drastically different environment than what I’m used to that I can barely handle it.

The other big reason I needed to write this is because, even though it’s been only 5 days, I’m kind of homesick already. It’s not the “oh I want my mommy!” style of homesick. It’s just the realization that for the next 4 months there will be a 0% chance I will be able to see my family or my girlfriend and that has been really bothering me, I can’t get it out of my head. My girlfriend and I recently became more emotionally involved in each other. The “L” word may have been said. That was literally like 5 days before I left for Hong Kong. That’s not enough time to process all that and become comfortable not being around the other person for a long period of time. Needless to say I really miss my girlfriend and I never thought that would happen so fast. I think it mainly has to do with all the stress around my classes and how broken the system for registering classes here is. All this stress does not make it easier on me. Doesn’t help that I have met no one other than my landlady, roommate, and mentor since I came here. Living off campus will do that to you though.

Sorry for the rant but I feel a little better that I have a place where I can kind of unload and know no one from my personal life will read it. If any of you have some words of encouragement for me, I’d love to hear it. I don’t know if this will become a weekly thing or not. Let me know what you guys think. Guess it depends ultimately on how I feel that week and what I have going on. Anyway…

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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