Re: Zero Ep. 14: Play by Play

“The sickness called despair”

The most accurate thing I can say about Subaru right now is mentally unstable and disgusting. Right now at this point in the story he’s acting like an obsessed boyfriend who thinks that his girl is powerless without him. I am blown away by the development for Subaru! Let’s begin…

Subaru, after the events from last episode, is doing what I wanted him to do. Training, he is training with a sword to become stronger and I’m happy to see this. We see over the span of three days, him training. From his expression all the way to how he carries himself, he is broken. He is broken mentally and physically. He is at Crusch’s mansion getting healed by Felix.

He has a talk with Reinhard and during this talk Subaru is calm but upset. Reinhard calls the one-sided duel between Subaru and Julius meaningless. This strikes a nerve with him. After the conversation is over, Subaru under his breath says to Reinhard, “Mind your own damn business.”

The next day he heads into town with Rem. While in town he truly sees how the rest of the citizens feel about Emilia because of her half-elf lineage and the ties that lineage has to the cursed witch. We also see Subaru going more insane, thinking that he alone is the only one that can be by Emilia because he doesn’t feel afraid of her.

So he does have a serious side

Later that night Subaru has a talk with Crusch about where he stands and that he needs to make up with Emilia. The next day Rem felt something from her sister through the mind link they share. He decides to leave the Crusch mansion and return to the Roswaal mansion and “save the day.” Here we find out that Crusch has a contract with Emilia to let Felix heal Subaru. Once that is over or if he leaves the property, she is their enemy. Felix also throws in his two cents about how pathetic Subaru is and how him leaving will solve nothing and help no one. In a way this is true but this just further enrages Subaru and he leaves the mansion in a dragon drawn buggy with Rem.

They stop in a town come nightfall to rest the dragon, they get a hotel room and go to bed. Or so we would hope… They both can’t sleep and end up talking for a little bit. Rem goes on about how she wants to do these things for Subaru and she is not being forced to. I love her dedication, admiration, and love that Rem has for Subaru. She whole heartily believes he is a good person and wants to help everyone and this makes me sad and upset since Subaru is being such a piss-ant right now. She begins to heal him again, this makes him sleepy and he is able to fall asleep.

Cute but so sad

He wakes up late in the morning and bursts out the door looking for Rem. Rem ended up leaving him shortly after he fell asleep to go to the mansion alone. He is outraged and searches all over the town to find someone to take him to the mansion. He eventually does and they leave immediately. Subaru is going mental, he’s lost his mind. He thinks he’s the only who can save Emilia and keep her safe. He also lashes out at Rem for leaving him and not trusting him. He is slowly rejecting those important in his life. He is so dead set on getting to the mansion and saving the day, even though he is powerless and weak, that he can’t maintain a level head.

The person bringing him to the mansion stops short because the dragon senses danger and won’t go any further. At this point Subaru leaves the buggy and heads there on foot. While running he is surrounded by a group of creepy looking hooded figures. I can’t fully tell but it looked like they bowed to him. I don’t know why, maybe they sense evil in him and are acknowledging it. Then again it might have been nothing. Nothing happens, they vanish into the woods and he treks on. This is where things get harsh and traumatic.hqdefault (1)

Subaru is running and comes onto a town. It’s dead quiet. He is searching around town and checking houses. Everyone is dead and in what looks like the town square, dozens of burnt bodies lay about and a large pile of burnt dead bodies sits in the center of it all. Up to this point death has been prevalent but not on the scale we see here. Subaru is forced to face reality once again and face his demons. He rushes to the mansion which is also dead quiet and sees Rem… Dead with a knife in her back and Subaru in tears. Damn Re: Zero! back at it with the cliffhangers! Crap, it that meme dead already?

Another brilliant episode! The development is breathtaking. It’s like you know what is going to happen and how Subaru will react, then even more shit hits the fan. I think Subaru’s moral compass is starting to sway. He no longer cares about anything but saving the one he loves and making things right. This scares me because I don’t know what he’s going to do next. Throughout the entire show so far, he has had to die many times and he hates that. I don’t blame him but at this point he need to kill himself in order to reverse what has happened. I don’t want him to take the easy way out and reverse what he said to Emilia or what happened in the last episode. Maybe respawn back to when he woke up at the Crusch mansion right before he left. I want this development to stay, he is on a fast track to becoming one of the best anime protagonists of the season, if not the year in my opinion. As long as what has happened stays with him. He needs those memories to push forward and truly blossom into the character he can be.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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