Re: Zero Ep. 12: Play by Play

“Return to the Capital”

All I can say about this episode is HOLY SHIT! So many characters came back from previous episodes, we got ourselves a trap, and a crazy twist at the very end of the episode. Let’s jump in shall we?

We begin with rows of children doing exercises with Subaru. They are all so happy to see him. Subaru also stamps a piece of paper with a kitty stamp, the kids love it. From the looks of it, Subaru is out on a date with Emilia, she has this sweet looking fox ear hoodie on. They hurry back to the mansion to see a carriage parked in the drive up area. An emissary has come to the mansion to discuss the meeting about the royal choosing of the next ruler. Emilia goes inside to join the meeting while Subaru uses this chance to talk to the serviceman guarding the carriage, we don’t learn much from this conversation but the main hint that the serviceman gave was Subaru’s love for Emilia is obvious and he has a tough, arduous road ahead of him.

We also meet a cute cat girl that was accompanying the emissary named felix. On the ride back, the cat girl is surprised that the serviceman was talking to anyone. Apparently he doesn’t like talking, he prefers killing, or something scary like that. The serviceman took a liking to something in Subaru’s eyes, he said they were the eyes of a man who has died many times. I’m very curious where that’s going to go and when this guy will show up again. Also don’t let the cute cat girl fool you, it’s a trap! She’s a boy! He trolls Subaru at the end of the episode about this too. It’s rather funny.

maxresdefault (10)
Don’t be fooled! It’s a trap!

Subaru and Emilia are going to go to the capital partly for the selection of the next ruler and also so Subaru can thank all the people that have helped him. Emilia also wants him to get healed since he is still injured. She wants the Felix to heal him, turns out he is the one of the capital’s most brilliant users of water magic and healing magic. During this conversation you can clearly tell Rem is in love with Subaru now. For good reason obviously, is this where the harem will begin?

Once in the capital we are swept with nostalgia for all of the old characters from the first few episodes. He thanks the store clerk and buys some Appas from him (Apples in our world I assume). After walking around for a little while, they make it to the castle gate and the two are met by this purple haired knight who greets Emilia by kissing her hand. I assume this is customary but totally drives Subaru up the wall and he gets extremely jealous. That little bit of comedic value was nicely timed. The comedy in this episode is very good, it’s not all at once and it manages to keep it fresh every time. This show is not a one trick pony when it comes to the comedic timing.

Unfortunately he is forced to stay outside, while he waits he notices a girl getting pulled into an alley. Being the typical hero he is, he goes into the alley to save her. We are met by the goons that assaulted him at the beginning of the series and we get to see Rom again! The big merchant guy from the slum with Felt, who we still don’t know where she is. The girl that was “in trouble”, I use quotes because she believes she was just fine without his help, is a red head and her name is Priscilla. She is one of the candidates for the throne. Subaru does not know this quite yet and it makes Emilia worry about him. SO cute! I love how the romance in his show progresses. It’s not like most where they just have an episode of actual development and your left guessing if they’ll get together. This pair consistently gets development every episode and I have never felt like it was forced, which is really nice to see. I hope it continues this way, it leaves you craving more of these two.

So cute. I want that hoodie too

Back at what looks like a hotel, Emilia makes Subaru promise to stay at the hotel and not cause any issues. She even resorts to using the “let me trust you” card to get him to not leave. But of course Subaru is Subaru and convinces Rem to let him leave. Once out he hitchhikes his way to the castle and who picks him up? Priscilla. They make their way to the castle and unfortunately runs into Emilia in the grand ballroom. It’s pretty visible that she feels betrayed by him. She demands he explain once this is all over.

Subaru heads over to where the servants are supposed to be and meets Reinhard again. Right when that happens, the elders enter the room and take their seats and the meeting begins. Four girls, including Emilia and Priscilla, stand before these elders. Before much is said, one of the other girls interrupts and want them to get to the point. Turns out where she is from, time is money and you gotta get right to the chase. Reinhard speaks up and announces that his mission is over. According to the dragon stone there are 5 candidates for the throne. And the final candidate is Felt!!! What! Oh my god! I did not see that coming at all. That’s where it ends. Leaves us with yet another cliffhanger. luckily I’m extremely behind on this show and I can binge the next few episodes.

maxresdefault (9)
Totally caught me off guard!

The episode was nicely done, with the exception of the CGI which was rather jarring at times. The pace was well and I like that we finally get a set up episode. These last few episodes have been completely action packed. I’m not complaining about the action but there have been quite a few questions that have been nagging me that were finally answered in this episode. I’m super excited to see where this series of events goes. I’m wondering how the elders will choose a successor to the throne. I’m pretty happy to see all these old faces, it makes me happy that the creators didn’t forget about them. Overall another fantastic episode.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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