No Game No Life Vol. 2: Ground Zero

And we’re back at it with more laziness, debauchery, and complex strategies that go straight over my head. Only the classiest for No Game No Life!

To start out we get a recap of how the previous volume ended. We awake with our favorite trio Sora, Shiro, and Steph early in the morning. After some confusion in not finding Shiro, Sora decides to get rid of the bed and get a futon but not only that. Once he understands the history behind the bed and the room, he decides to give the king’s bedchamber to Steph. Steph is completely confused why they decide this but what is interesting to read is what Sora has to say about his decision “I am the king. Anyplace I choose to sleep, be it a doghouse, will become the king’s bedchamber.”

There isn’t much significance to this but to read that the duo, Shiro and Sora, don’t care about their living space on a comical level is rather funny. But, you can also look at it as the duo knowing and understanding where their priorities lay. Most people have things they care about more than life itself and to them, having each other by their sides is more important than life itself. The bond between this brother, sister combo is one part creepy and other part mutual understanding. Both know everything about each other and both can make decisions for each other. Having the ability to know what the other is thinking might be a very, very good asset when they come up to their next opponent.

SO much sibling love it’s almost off putting

We meet our pair deep in thought or more so deep in boredom. Sora and Shiro are now battling three nobles, these nobles are in their underwear since they have lost everything they have, wives and kids bet and lost as well, in a few games of poker. While half asleep, Sora has a fun conversation about how babies are made in this world. Mainly because the act of child-birth can be extremely painful. We are told that with given consent the act of bodily harm is alright. Back to the game of poker, Sora lays down his last hand, a full house ends the game and takes the noble’s last shred of dignity, their underwear. Thus ends the movement against agricultural reform. Sora and Shiro are using some of the technological advances from their world and bringing it into this new world they are in currently. I like seeing how Sora and Shiro are, even though they care extremely about games, concerned about trying to get Immanity back on its feet again.

If you are in town square you will see Sora, Shiro, and Steph out on a stroll. Although, there is something a little off with Stephanie’s attire. Due to yet another lost challenge she is forced to walk with them like a dog. She is also dressed like a dog. It is quite attractive actually. While on their walk, they begin talking about their next opponent, Ixseed Rank Six: Flugel. Something is really puzzling to Sora though. Sora and Shiro managed to read through all the books Immanity had to offer and they were unable to find anything about the Flugel race. Turns out that the old king bet all the intel that Immanity had on Flugel and lost it.

This infuriates Sora, he asks Steph why they didn’t make copies of the information and due to low literacy rates, budget constraints, and technology they were unable make copies. That’s when Sora uses his knowledge from his home world to write out a memo for Steph that transcribes how to make letter printing and paper manufacturing. Shiro doesn’t like this as she considers it cheating but regardless does it anyways.


This is where chapter one leaves us. Sora and Shiro are working hard to gather information on their next opponent and trying to help Immanity in the only way they know how, by winning every game they play. A good start to another volume of No Game No life. I’m interested to see where they will go from here. I also enjoy the gamer talk they use is this chapter. An inside joke that I actually understand. I don’t know what to think so far as virtually nothing has really happened so far. This is really just build up for the next few chapters, so I’m just looking forward to what is in store.

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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