Boku no Hero Academia Ep. 10: Play by Play

“Encounter with the unknown”

Straight out the gate we begin right where we left off last episode. Aizawa Sensei leaves all the students with Thirteen while he goes forward to fight all the evil villains. Now at first you might think that being so outnumbered will have an effect on him… think again. He manages to use his quirk erase power to destroy a lot of the low hanging villains. Unfortunately, a fog like villain slips past him and reaches the students. The fog villain proceeds to use his power and scatters all the students across the entire grounds of this facility.

Cool to finally see what he’s capable of

The villains came here for a specific person and that person is All Might. From the sounds of it, all the villains wanted to bombard All Might at once in order to kill him. Obviously from last episode, due to using his power too much saving people in the city, he had to leave because he was running out of time and couldn’t stay in the All Might form. So he got the hell out of there and rested back on the main campus. Where he proceeds to beat himself up over this. I won’t say he unjustified to be hard on himself, he also at the moment does not know about the event transpiring at the practice facility. Not like he’d be able to go help. He said it himself that he only has about 10 minutes left before he would resort to his small/weak self again.

While we are watching All Might in the office mull over his mistakes, we are introduced to the principle. Now, I have no idea what the hell he is nor do I know what his quirk is but he has a wicked large scar over his right eye. I’m assuming he was an old hero that retired and is no the principle of Hero Academy High School. I doubt we will learn any more about the principle this season. He also seems to drag everything out.

maxresdefault (8)
Still have no idea what this guy’s name is

Cut back to the attack on all the students at the training facility. Currently all the students were teleported to different parts of the facility. Iida and Uraraka are at the exit of the facility with Thirteen and Aoyama, Ashido and couple other students I needed to look up because I forgot their names. Izuku was teleported to the ocean part of the facility along with Tsuyu (frog girl) and Mineta (the short pervert).

Tsuyu saves Izuku and Mineta from being attacked in the water and brings them up on the boat. She sets Izuku down nicely and slams Mineta. No real significance to this, I just thought it was pretty humorous. And further fuels the fire of the Tsuyu x Izuku shipping war. Once they all gather their bearings, they are swarmed by about half a dozen enemies just waiting in the water. Waiting in the water… they don’t know what Izuku, Tsuyu, or Mineta’s quirks are so they are being cautious and not jumping the gun. First time in a while I’ve seen a smart group of villains in any show I’ve watched recently, nicely done.

Our boy Izuku uses this time to learn about Tsuyu and Mineta’s quirks and comes up with a plan to fight off these villains. Tsuyu is a frog who can jump high, climb walls, and shoot her tongue out up to 20 feet. Another special ability is she can secrete a toxic substance that stings on contact, though it is not very effective in battle. Mineta has those black balls on his head, he can take those off and they will stick to anything but himself and if he tries hard enough, he can make them stick for almost a day. They also regenerate upon being removed from his head.


Mineta is completely beside himself. He is totally freaking out, tears and snot everywhere. He has no idea what to do and just wants to wait for the cavalry to show up and save them. He truly believes he’s going to die. This is where Izuku puts his plan into motion, He uses Delaware Smash to cause a typhoon, splashing the enemies everywhere. Tsuyu jumps into action with Mineta in the crook of her arm. She uses her tongue to grab the now out of commission Izuku. Mineta, astonished at the calmness of Izuku and Mineta decides to nut up and help. He starts to frantically flinging his black balls (insert immature joke here) at everyone in the water. Between the typhoon and the black balls sticking to everyone, the enemies end up being clumped together into an uncomfortable ball of humanity.

I like where the story is currently going right now. We are getting more development and screen time for the other characters. Especially Tsuyu, I think she is my new favorite female character so far. I’m interested to see how her quirk will come in handy later on. I wasn’t expecting exposition from Mineta at all this season, He seemed like the background character that was just thrown in to fill the classroom. Although, now that he’s been exposed to me. I’m interested what he’s going to bring to table in these last few episodes. Overall a well done episode, I look forward to the next episode. I’m assuming now that Izuku, Tsuyu, and Mineta dealt with their enemies, we’ll get a look into all the other students and how their doing against their enemies.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Karandi says:

    It was nice to see some vaguely intelligent villains, though they would have been smarter to not attack a class full of kids training to be superheroes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Smirk says:

      Well, they had Nomu who could overwhelm even All Might, but I can agree because they underestimated him. They could’ve also had some other back-up plan. But in-development hereos are going to be no match for Nomu and that other guy who can turn people’s skin into dust.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karandi says:

        Yeah, no matter how you look at it, turning skin into dust is just plain creepy.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. samreality says:

    Right?! I love how creative they are with these quirks. They have some creative minds.

    Liked by 1 person

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