Re: Zero Ep. 11: Play by Play


So… first of all… Subaru has acknowledged Rem as best girl behind Emilia! Just wanted to make that clear… I agree with him 100%.

We are shown the origin of both Rem and Ram. Born as twins, the custom among demons is to kill them. While laying on the podium, the elder of the town is about to kill them. Rem starts to cry, Ram becomes upset too but uses her power to push everyone back. The townspeople sees this sudden burst of power and decide to spare them.

Fast forward about 10 years or so and we see Ram manuevering water from a waterfall to fall onto the town’s crops. Throughout the entirety of this flashback it is obvious that even though Rem and Ram have only one horn each. Ram is far more powerful than Rem. Everyone in the town makes this apparent as well. Rem works diligently to improve herself, to no avail. Eventually Rem realizes the strength difference and decides to become the better at things Ram cannot do, like cooking and cleaning.

Ram on left, Rem on right, as infants

One night Rem wakes up in the middle of the night to find Ram not in bed. Walking outside to see where she is, Rem is met with the entire town going up in a blaze of fire. All the townspeople are attacking Ram. At first we do not know why, but as the battle goes on we can take a guess that it is because the townspeople want to kill Rem because she is a burden and not as useful as Ram. While Ram is trying to protect Rem, her horn is cut off therefore losing almost all of her power.

Rem was… happy to see her horn be cut off, all those years of being compared to Ram took their toll on her. After this thought Rem is clearly destroyed inside. Her hate for herself for thinking “Finally, it broke off.” Rem has been constantly working hard to walk the path she feels she took from her sister. It’s never enough.

Back to the present, Ram and Subaru are running through the forest with Rem tucked under his arm. They are all hiding in the bushes thinking of a plan to get them out of this mess. Rem doesn’t understand. Why did they come for her? She doesn’t understand at all. In her mind she needs to do this herself, from what I understand, to prove she is strong enough to protect those precious to her. This is where Subaru gives her a hard lesson.

Subaru immediately head butts her, opening his wound on his forhead again. He gives her a simple piece of advice, “three heads are better than one” Meaning… Rem needs to understand that there are people around her that care about her and want to help her, she needs to lean on others and let others lean on her.

This made me laugh and makes me so happy all at the same time

After this, Subaru comes up with a plan to get Rem and Ram back safely. His plan is to run to the right and lead all the mabeasts away from Rem and Ram so they can run away. Such a brilliant and sophisticated plan right? He manages to lead all the mabeasts away, but the little dog that cursed him turns into this huge giant dog and attacks him! Remember like 4 episodes back about his magic power? Well… it’s coming into good use now! He blows up in a cloud of smoke to distract the giant dog, he uses this opportunity to stab the dog in the neck with his broken sword. How was he able to move after using all his mana again? well… that weird raisin looking candy, he ate it and restored his mana just enough to get the job done. Actually though… the giant dog isn’t dead yet, it pounces on Subaru and he manages to stab it again in the mouth. Again not killing it.

Just as the dog was about to pounce once more, Roswaal shows up and kills every single mabeast in the vacinity. Just in time too! Rem and Ram meet up with Subaru and Roswaal. Upon cathing up to them, Rem jumps on Subaru. She is so happy he is alive that she hugs him to the point where he passes out. He wakes up back in the mansion, holding Rem’s hand.

“while you slept, you looked like you were in pain” is what she says to him. Once again she is being haunted by her past. Saying multiple sad and depressing comments and questions about her life so far. Subaru realizes what her struggle is coming from. “you seem to put your sister on a pedastal. I think you’re the only one who actually cares whether she has a horn or not.” Subaru lets her know what make her so great. “I’m happy that you were able to help me.” Subaru wants Rem to laugh, to enjoy what it means to live your life. He wants her to realize that people aren’t replacable, that she isn’t a replacement for her sister. This is by far the best scene of the episode in my opinion. It was really nice to see Rem open up to Subaru. She is the better half in my eyes now. I retract my statment from last episode’s review where I wasn’t sure who I liked more. It’s definetely Rem.

The final scene to end the episode, we have Ram and Roswaal talking in his office. Ram was able to locate the person responsible for the curses. It was the girl that Subaru didn’t remember her name, that was seperated from the group. She has since dissapeared so they can’t pursue her. Roswaal is worried that this will cause another battle for the throne. We also see that Ram doesn’t regenerate mana very well, we can see Roswaal placing his finger on her forhead where the cut from her horn is to restore some. This is what I think is happening but I’m not 100% sure on that. Without much exposition, we are told that since the night she lost her horn, she has belonged to Roswal.

Was I the only one getting creepy vibes from this scene?

Roswaal has a goal, to one to day become hokage… just kidding. He wants to kill a dragon. Nothing else is given to explain this but with how good this show is, we will understand what it all means in due time.

This was an amazing episode and it gave so much development for Rem that I’m honestly shocked. I hope they keep it up with the other characters as well. I’m interested where we will be going from here now that the arc is over. Roswaal said he will be leaving again. Is something going to happen at the mansion again? Will the Witch’s curse play a major role this upcoming arc? I hope so, I still don’t fully understand the witch’s role in this show so far. So more info on that and how Subaru and his crew attack that problem would make me happy. Overall, this show just keeps getting better and better and out of all the shows that are ending currently, I’m so happy that this show has 25 episodes. Also… Is anyone hyped to see Emilia again? She is going to go on a date with Subaru now! I hope that happens next episode too!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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