Re: Zero Ep. 10: play by play

“Fanatical methods like a demon”

What happened? Where am I? “Oh… another unfamiliar ceiling.” Any body else get that Neon Genesis Evangelion reference? Subtle but nice.

Subaru wakes up in yet another new bed. Beatrice, Rem, and Emilia all work together to help save Subaru from dying (again). He is saved, which means all his wounds remain with him. As he slowly begins to wake up, he looks over his arms and sees all the scars. Once awake Subaru heads outside, we find our protagonist in the village. Ram worked all night repairing the barrier and making sure it stays up and keeps out the mabeasts. Afterwards we take a tour of the town, all the townspeople thanking Subaru for saving their children. The children are currently still recovering from their injuries.

Beatrice has some grim news for Subaru. It just so happens that he is going to die sometime in the next half day. The mabeasts embedded him with several curses. Every scar he received the night before was a curse. There so many that Beatrice cannot remove them. The mabeasts do this so slowly over time they can kill their prey. When the mabeasts wake up, they summon mana from the prey they cursed. Since there are so many that cursed him, this rapid drain of mana will kill him. From the sound of it, mabeasts tend to attack when they are hungry. At this point, the only way to cure himself is to kill all the mabeasts that cursed him, therefore nullifying the curses.

Ram: I’m getting really tired of your shit Subaru.

Subaru suddenly has a flashback to when they were healing his wounds early in the morning. He remembers Rem talking about something. But what? Where is she now? We haven’t seen her at all this episode? She went on her own to kill all the mabeasts and the ringleader behind them. Alone? She summons her demon force to help her kill them all.

Ram and Subaru rush into the woods to save her. Subaru makes the decision to go save Rem, knowing that doing this he will have no time to save himself, probably causing him to die once again. Here we learn that Ram is hornless and we get a little glimpse into what her life was like before she began working for Roswaal. Not much is shown other than a shaded figure slashing off her horn. Demons are normally born with two horns. Twins are the exception, they share horns. Each twin is only born with one. Demon Twins are seen as unwanted and usually killed after birth. We are not really told why Rem and Ram are spared.

Subaru is given the sharpest sword of the village to protect himself in the forest. Ram and Subaru head out into the forest. Ram decides to use her Clairvoyance spell that allows her to see thru the eyes of every insect and animal in a given radius. Something is watching them, it’s the mabeasts. They attack all at once. They manage to kill them all with Subaru doing next to nothing. After a quick conversation between the two of them Subaru gets an idea on how they can find Rem. Remember a few episodes back when Subaru tried to tell Emilia about his power/curse to die and restart back from when he last woke up? Well that is a curse from the witch and it attracts those mabeasts… the same ones Rem is hunting down. So if Subaru attracts all of them, Rem will follow.

Subaru attempts to tell Ram about the death restart thing he has and the witch grabs his chest like last time. The wind becomes violent and stench of mabeasts is fast approaching their location. In a short amount of time, the mabeasts find them. Ram works hard but without a horn she is not a fighter anymore and they are forced to run. They end up falling off a cliff side. Ram uses one of her spells to help them land safely but is too harsh on her body and almost knocks her unconscious.

maxresdefault (7)
So beautiful yet so deadly

And now Rem enters the fold. She is still in her demon form and begins to attack everything in her path. Subaru comes up with a plan yet again to stop Rem’s rampage. He throws Ram at Rem, a little piece of Rem is still in there and she catches Ram. While this is happening Subaru jumps up with his sword aimed directly at Rem. And the episode ends on yet another really shitty cliffhanger.

I think Subaru is most likely going to chop off Rem’s horn to get her back to normal. From the final few moments of the episode, that’s what it looked like he was going to do. I hope not because in that form, as long as she is under control, she is an asset. Chopping off her horn will severely dampen how good she is at fighting, given how Ram currently is. More fighting will occur in this series, doing that to Rem would not exactly be a wise choice. But Subaru is too sporadic to really think about these things. Regardless, this was a good episode, the comedic elements were still in there, mainly in the first half of the episode. I love the little cute wink Ram did at the beginning of the episode. And so let the heated debate of who is best girl between Ram and Rem begin! I’m torn on who I like more. On one hand I like Ram for the pink hair and her sarcasm, but I love Rem for heart and her cute smile. They are both winners in my book. Let me know what you think!

I’m excited for the next episode, I hope more light will be shed on the twins’ backstory. It seems like they’ve lived a rough life before getting picked up by Roswaal. Since Subaru woke up all injured and scarred, does that mean if he dies those scars stay with him? Along with all the memories he has gained so far? I still don’t fully understand the extent of his power to die and come back where he woke up that day. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention to the episode. I also hope Emilia gets more screen time soon too. She had like 2 minutes this episode! And she was sleeping the entire time! Come on! But I’m getting off topic at this point, anyway…

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful day !

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