Boku no Hero Academia ep. 9: play by play

Yeah, just do your best, Iida

After the events of last episode, we are back in the classroom. Word has gotten out that All Might is now a teacher and the media is harassing all the students and teachers about it. Meanwhile, you have Izuku’s class deciding on class rep and VP. I like that the show pokes fun at this. They are in a school after all, albeit a hero academy. After some bickering and an anonymous ballet, Izuku wins the Class Rep spot with three votes. Much to his surprise and dismay. It’s cute to learn that Iida and Uraraka both voted for him.

Lunch Time! We are brought into a 3-way conversation between Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka. Turns out, Iida is part of the famous Iida family that is known for having a lot of heroes. In this universe that would be considered a rich family. I love the fact that Izuku and Uraraka associate the word “merely” with being rich. Like, that was your tip off that he came from a rich household, That!?

Unfortunately their conversation gets cut off by an alarm. A level 3 alarm, meaning someone broke into the school grounds. We saw earlier that the level of security is top notch at U. A. so for someone to break in, that’s a serious matter. Panic breaks out in the cafeteria. Causing the hallway to get packed with everyone pushing and shoving each other. Iida is pushed up against the window, where he notices, It’s just the media that got in. How? I’ll discuss that momentarily. Upon seeing this Iida gets the idea to have Uraraka make him weightless so he can get to the front and calm everyone down. Once this happens he yells at the top of his lungs that it is just the media and it’s nothing to panic about. Boku-no-Hero-Academia-Episode-9-English-Subbed

We cut back to the classroom where class rep Izuku starts class with an announcement. He believes Iida is more fit to run the class. After the incident in the hallway, everyone in class thinks this is a good idea. While this wasn’t really a big deal, I liked that Izuku brought it up. With the small back story we received from Iida at the cafeteria, this would do a lot of good to further develop his character. Hopefully the story makes time for Iida and doesn’t just caste him aside now that he got half an episode dedicated to him.

We get a shot with the nurse and two other teachers talking about who could have caused the hole in the wall. We all obviously have a good idea who did it, Mr. Hand job from the end of last episode.

maxresdefault (6)
So cute! Let the shipping commence!

The home room teacher has announced that the class will be going to a special facility for training. Although their taking a regular bus (remember, this is a school after all). During the bus ride, Izuku has a conversation with Tsuyu (frog girl). She points out that Izuku’s quirk is a lot like All Might’s. This makes him sweat and stutter all over the place. She seems really nice about it and just pointing out her observation, she’s not really suspicious but this will probably happen again in the future once Izuku can control his power more consistently.

The buses arrive at the facility and we get a quick rundown of the facility and everything it contains, by a new super hero, Thirteen. Then… a portal opens up and Mr. Hand Job and about 30 of his villain cronies pop out of the portal. The teacher, Aizawa, is very upset about this. The students all believe this is a drill but Aizawa tells them all to stay back and grouped together as he puts his goggles on. And we’re left with that. I’m super excited for next weeks episode.

This episode was a nice change of pace and a good hype episode. It brought us out of the previous arc and gave us some information about the story and the characters. We also find out that the All For One quirk, if found out can be passed down to others, is very dangerous information and could get Izuku or his loved ones hurt. I think my favorite part of the episode was the light hearted bus scene with Izuku and Tsuyu. The teasing of Bakugou was a nice touch as well.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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