One Punch Man: An anime review

Oh boy! there’s a sale at the grocery store! let’s go! I don’t understand why he loves to cook so much, but that’s ok.

One Punch Man is a 12 episode anime based off of a manga of the same name. The manga is written by ONE and art by Yusuke Murata . The manga is a big success in Japan and is still being published. Which prompted this anime adaptation. The anime aired between October 5th to December 21st of 2015.

Where to begin… This story is all over the place. The anime begins with this creature and what looks like a character out of the DBZ universe causing a large explosion upon landing on earth and then he goes on to blow up a bunch of buildings as well. After this enemy has defeated many heroes, our main character decides to enter the fray. He’s just a guy who’s a hero for fun. Wut? The monster says it perfectly, “What kind of half-assed back story is that?” but immediately, as the name of the show suggests. Our hero kills the enemy with one punch.

After this “altercation” we are given a back story about our hero. Turns out he was an unemployed businessman searching for a job, this is three years prior to the altercation between himself and the DBZ knockoff. In this flash back he saves a kid with a massive butt chin from being killed by a crab man. Our hero states that as a child his dream was to become a super hero that could kill enemies with one punch. He manages to kill the crab man by using his tie to rip out the crab man’s insides. Super gross tho

OH the MANSERVICE! Give me more!

Turns out after that event with the crab man, he strained so hard he went bald. He also become the hero he always wanted to be. Something is missing, he feels empty, “having overwhelming strength is pretty boring” our hero says. He has become so strong that he is losing his love of being a hero. Over the course of the show he slowly gets that back. We later learn our hero’s name is Saitama.

During a fight, a 19 year old cyborg named genos witnesses Saitama’s insane abilities and begs him to become his disciple. Eventually he does become his disciple, Saitama is hesitant about it since he has nothing truly to offer genos in terms of teaching and knowledge. They eventually decide to go to the hero association to be examined.

This series pretty much jumps from big hero fight to big hero fight with exposition and plot sprinkled in. There is a hero association where people with hero like abilities can go to be examined. After you are examined, you are given a class and rank in said class. Once you are #1 in a class you have the opportunity to raise into the next class or stay at #1 in your class. They have your normal class rank, C is low tier and S is high tier.

a loli and a tsundere! I’m in heaven.

The show ends amazingly well, after a 3-4 episode build up. The characters, other than Saitama and Genos, have virtually no development. Normally I would hate this, but for this show and what the story is trying to accomplish, I don’t find it all that bad. The characters are so wacky and out there that maybe learning about their back story would take away from the comedic appeal to the characters.

The animation was great too. I love the design switch with Saitama when he goes from normal to serious battle mode. From what I noticed when watching the series, there weren’t many hiccups in the animations quality that warrants noting about. Which is good. Also the animation for the opening was amazing, I don’t think I skipped the opening at all. That leads me right into…

My favorite overused gif of all time!

The music (flawless transition!). The music was spot on. The mixture of rock and pop made for amazing battle scenes. Also the opening song is probably the most addictive song I’ve heard since the opening for Tokyo Ghoul came out. The ending isn’t too bad either. I’m a little bias since I come from a metal and rock background.

It’s best not to look too far into the show. There aren’t many times where this show is serious. Although the part with Mumen rider and his speech to be higher than a C-class hero was pretty emotional. This show is a parody of the shonen genre for most of the series. It points out overused tropes in the shonen genre and makes fun of them. For anyone who has been in the anime community or watched even a little of shonen shows like Naruto, bleach, One Piece will be laughing during the entirety of the series.

Overall this was really enjoyable to watch and I would recommend this to anyone trying to get into anime or is reserved about watching anime. I would recommend this to veteran anime watchers too. Basically I think everyone should at least watch the first 3 episodes. Also one last thing. Don’t expect much fan service, there is only one girl in the show that has a decent amount of screen time and she is a green haired loli. Not that I’m complaining. There is a little manservice, but it’s probably the funniest way to put manservice in a show that I’ve ever seen. So I will give this anime series an overall 9/10. It was very enjoyable with minimal issues or hiccups.

maxresdefault (2)
He literally gives no fucks

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karandi says:

    I quite enjoyed this for a once watch but I feel like the lack of a strong plot and the heavy reliance on humour will make it difficult to enjoy as much on a second watch through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. jsebastian says:

    Love me some One Punch, can’t wait for the second season!


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