Re: Zero Ep. 8: play by play

“I cried, cried my lungs out, and stopped crying” a fitting episode title.

In this episode we learn that our main character was successful once again in traveling back in time once killed, therefore saving Rem from dying in her sleep. We also learn a little bit on why that happened as well but I will get into that later on.

So this episode starts off with Subaru waking up once again, restarting from the previous day. He wakes up with Rem and Ram watching over him. He also solidified that Rem and Ram were holding his hands when he was distressed while sleeping. He now realizes that he is under constant surveillance. Because of this he asks to work for the mansion once again, but this time he works 120% harder than he did previously. He understands that he didn’t gain Rem’s trust which lead to the 2nd to last death.

You can see during the entirety of the episode, he is putting up a facade. He is acting as if everything is ok, which it is not. We have already figured out that he retains all of the memories from his previous deaths. All of them, all the voices, the screams of agony, hatred and malice. He carries all of this on his shoulders and you can see, clear as day, that it is making him feel sick and over burdened. He eventually throws up from the stress.

Zero kara Hajimeru2-small
This scene was so beautifully done

This leads into the lap pillow scene. I feel this was the best scene of the episode. It was done so well. It shows Emilia truly is the best girl for him. She obviously cares for him, letting him spill his guts about everything that has been bothering him was a really touching scene. I love the romance aspects of this episode.

We also learn that Subaru can wield magic. He is a shadow user, I also like Subaru going down the list of elements, like bruh you ain’t the avatar. I thought that was so funny. On a serious note, you can tell the amount of fear Subaru has with shadows. After his event with the shadow grabbing at his heart or whatever that was, he clearly has some PTSD like symptoms when dealing with the shadow element. He has so much fear built up that he will probably never discuss his dying reset power to anyone again. He also has very little control over his power. I also think that that fruit that he ate to restore a little mana will come in handy later on in the series. Once he is able to control his Shadow magic of course.

At the very end of the episode, Subaru kind of figures out that the village is where Rem and himself were targeted that lead to them dying in their sleep a couple deaths back. So next episode they will be going to the village. This time hopefully Subaru will be able to locate the person responsible. You can also see just how suspicious and cautious Rem is around Subaru in this episode.

I love the pet name!

Beatrice is slowly becoming one of favorite characters for Subaru to converse with. Every scene that has her in it, I am completely entertained and surprised. She has so much depth to her character. I love how mature she is with the contract stuff. I also love that Subaru gave her a pet name. Much to her dismay. So much knowledge about what is going on seems to pass through her. I’m interested what her role is going to be now that this arc is coming to a close. I’m going to guess there are about 2 more episodes based on how the pacing is now.

I’m really enjoying this show, it has become way more deep and emotional. Those are my favorite types of shows. I like something to keep me guessing and something that I can theorize on what will happen next. I’m interested what the limits are to his death reset power, if you can really call it that. I also want to know more about this witch. How is that going to play a factor later on down the road? Since this series is scheduled for 25 episodes, even though this would happens in 4-5 episodes from now, are they going to make a 2nd opening and ending theme?

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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