Black Bullet vol. 1: Ground level

What a cruel world. A boy, runaway from his foster family, sits alone on the corner of a cracked road. Starving, unable to fully grasp the situation at hand or the environment he is in. This boy, a mere 7 or 8 years old, surveys the scene. He sees people everywhere. Others starving in the streets of Tokyo, fighting for food, people attempting to sell food that should probably be eating it. Many people are screaming in protest to the government and holding signs simply saying “let us live.”

During this time we are told about the boy’s backstory, how he got to where he is now. Gastrea are what made this mess. They are parasite viruses that kill humans. The army of Tokyo is currently fighting the great gastrea war, that is gone into detail later on. We learn this boy’s parents were taken from him by the gastrea. Although the boy does not believe this and runs away from his new foster family two days after the joint funeral that was held for the boy’s parents. He was taken in by the Tendo family. Many brothers and one sister.

His name is Rentaro Satomi and he ran away to a nearby refugee camp, but due to no ration tickets he wasn’t able to get any food. As time went on he grew more and more hungry and was dying of starvation, malnutrition, and dehydration. Just when he thought his time was up, something happened. A giant gastrea attacked the refugee camp. Killing many, the army soon showed up and started firing back at the monster. The gastrea was eventually defeated. It was a flying gastrea so it fell to the earth, killing many I presume, landing mere inches from the frail boy’s body. The boy was being protected by the head of the Tendo family, Kikunojo Tendo. He was the boy’s savior and his words to him were “If you don’t want to die, survive Rentaro.”

Fast forward about 10 years and we have Rentaro on his way to a crime scene. Rentaro’s boss gave him orders of the situation at hand and Rentaro was on his way to accept the job. “You’re just a kid!” said the senior inspector of the homicide department to Rentaro. Obviously that was the case but he’s not that bad. Rentaro was in such a hurry that he ended up leaving Enju behind. Enju is his initiator, she is the one who helps take down the gastrea. She actually just fell off the back of his bike on the way there and he didn’t stop to pick her back up. What an ass hat!

She is so cute when she is pissed off XD

We find out the problem is on the 2nd floor of this building. There is a man believed to be infected in the room. Upon going into the room, Rentaro does not see a man infected with the virus but a man dressed to the nines, blood all around him. Apparently the cops busted in through the window, startling the man, so the man just killed them. The actions of a total savage!

A fight breaks out and Rentaro finds out very quickly he is no match for this masked man. The man disappears without saying his name. This gives Rentaro the opportunity to search for the man infected with the gastrea virus. Although Enju finds him first.While she is angrily walking through the streets cursing Rentaro for abandoning her, she meets the infected man, who was just looking for directions. Upon seeing he is infected, he becomes engulfed in the virus and transforms into a spider. Rentaro and Enju make quick work of the spider. but… they leave before they get paid. Why? Because there was a sale at the local grocery store on bean sprouts! #animelogic

The old man is the head of the Tendo household and she is Seitenshi, the ruler of the Tokyo area

Boy oh boy is Rentaro’s boss going to be happy about that. This is when we are introduced to another character. Kisara Tendo, she is the president of the Tendo Civil Security Agency that employs Rentaro. She is a beautiful black haired bombshell that Rentaro foams at the mouth over. She is also the only daughter of the prestigious Tendo family. Due to personal reasons she decided to leave home and pursue an independent endeavor. She seems to hold extreme hostility to her family. Her family is the same family that took in Rentaro when his parents “died”, I put this in quotes because his one goal is to find where his parents are. He still is 100% positive that they are still alive.

After a violent altercation and conversation between Kisara and Rentaro when she finds out he didn’t get paid. Rentaro heads home where he is met by Enju, naked. Keep in mind she is 10, she has sworn her love to Rentaro. Enju is one of the cursed children. Essentially, when the gastrea virus went widespread and started infecting the population, woman pregnant with girls were not affected. The daughters that were born were born with special abilities and red eyes. Not much information has been given at this time about it.

I am one chapter into this volume and I am enjoying it so far. The plot and setting were very interesting. I have seen the anime which is the reason for reading this. I really enjoyed the anime. I loved the characters and I really wanted to see how things end in this story. So far the pacing is nice. We are slowly learning about the characters and what is going on in this world. Rentaro and Enju are already getting into their next mission. Hopefully they fully flesh out the characters. I’ve read too many light novels and watched too many anime that don’t flesh out their characters. It is my biggest problem with these type of stories.

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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