Boku no Hero Acedamia ep. 7: play by play

This was by far the best episode so far! The hype is so real. When Izuku punched a hole through the top floors I was smiling ear to ear!

So in this episode we get a lot of exposition about Bakugou and what has made him like he is today. It seems that ever since his quirk manifested, he has been praised for his amazing ability. This has really gone to his head and made him to believe he is better than everyone else. He has had this vision in his head since childhood that he is the best, so he wants to work up to being the best. Like wanting to be the only one from his middle school to make it into hero academy. Izuku is a road block that Bakugou can’t get around. Izuku embodies everything that Bakugou does not want to be, so when he is manning up and fighting back, the vision of this quirkless crybaby is shattered. Bakugou has become very self centered and villain-ish, as the story progresses I would not be surprised if he turns into a villain when he realizes he can’t beat Izuku. I have not read the manga so I don’t know what happens next, but after this episode I’ll need to start reading it. 

I have a love-hate relationship with Bakugou. On one hand he is a total narcissistic asshole who cares about nobody but himself and wants all the fame and glamour. But on the other hand, he’s not a dumb, all-brawn character which I like. There were many parts in the episode that display how he was able to change how he fights so it would be harder for Izuku to predict him. When he shot around Izuku with his quirk and sent him flying into the ground, that is not easy to pull off considering how much balance is involved in it and shifting of body weight. I love his motivation to be the best and how hard he is on himself and how high he sets his goals. I wish those goals didn’t include him trying to erase Izuku from the story. If it wasn’t for his personality I would love him.

I like that they still sprinkled humor into the episode too. When Lida said he was evil and started laughing. I lost my shit completely! It was so hilarious to see him attempt to play the role of a villain.

Uraraka played a good supportive role in this episode. She managed to work out a plan with Izuku and got the missile in order to win the match. I hope in the next episode we get to learn a little more about her character. I think her quirk would be sweet to have. The opportunity to float around? are you kidding? that would be amazing! She also seems to be the main love interest at the moment. I like the match up between her and Izuku. It’s cute.

During the match you can easily tell that All Might is struggling internally about this match severely. As a brand new teacher, I’m sure he is on a short leash. So letting the match go on after the big fire ball scene that nearly blew up the building team A and D were in, could potentially get him in trouble. He also doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. These are kids after all. But as the mentor for Izuku, he wants to see Izuku succeed and he knows deep down that he will somehow pull it off. He does almost stop the match but doesn’t when Izuku shouts to Uraraka to hold the pillar.

He blocked the blast with his bare forearm! Bro, that’s brutal!

Final point about the episode was how all the research Izuku has down over the years on superheros paid off big time in figuring out a way to win the match without destroying the building or killing anyone in the process. I’m interested where they are going to take the story next. I’m assuming they will show all the other teams fighting in the same match style they did with this episode. So I’m sure we’ll get to see all the other students and how each of their quirks work. I’m excited for the next episode.

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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