Let the summer begin!

It’s done!!! My third year at college is a wrap! So much has been going on recently that I haven’t had any time to watch any anime let alone blog about what I have been watching. But now I’m free! I can’t wait to let everyone in on everything that has been going on.tumblr_n2hx33Lquh1scr19zo1_400

I just got accepted to study abroad this fall semester. I will be studying at Hong Kong University in Hong Kong starting at the end of August going until the beginning of January. There is so much I want to do while I am there (which I will be updating periodically). First of all, I am trying to save up as much money as I can so I can travel to the surrounding countries. I have family in mainland China, so I’ll be meeting up with them at some point. One of my fraternity brothers will also be studying abroad fall semester, but in Malaysia. So I plan on seeing them in Malaysia as well.

Hong Kong University

Of course I will be going to Japan! That’s a given at this point right? I also plan on doing a bunch of dangerous sports like rock climbing, skydiving, whitewater kayaking, and a bunch of other stuff a crazy white boy like me would want to do. I’m so excited, I have been working with Hong Kong University, the host university that offers the program, and my home university to get this to work for the last 5 months! I’m still not done with all the red tape but I’m very close to having everything planned out and done. My classes will consist of 3 business classes, a general education class, and a beginner Mandarin Chinese language class. I’m excited to begin learning another language!

Good rock climbing spot outside Yangshuo, China. Scary right!?

I managed to secure an internship this summer! I will be going around to different departments of this grocery store and managing their assets and working for them. It will be so much fun and I can’t wait to get it underway. It should start next week. Which also means working less on overnights which will be easier on my body. Also… now being 21 I may be drinking a lot more. So I need more time to recover XD! Now that the semester is over, I will ease into a better uploading schedule for reviews and other posts.

Now that the summer is upon us, it’s time to have fun! I plan on rock climbing throughout the summer along with kayaking and cycling. What are all of you guys planning on doing this summer? Do any of you have any special plans? I’d love to hear them!

As always, I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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