Ground level: The devil is a part-timer volume 1

Welcome to McRonalds! May I take your order?

The devil is a part-timer is a light novel written by Satoshi Wagahara with illustrations done by 029 (oniku).

The story starts out with the devil king talking to his roommate about being broke and not being able to afford food. The Devil King Sadao Maou and his roommate/demon general Alciel live in a rundown apartment that can barely be considered livable. It was a long fall from grace from what they were used to. Sadao in his own world was the Devil King, attempting to conquer all the land in his wake. Ente Isla is the world from which they were originally from. Sadao and Alciel used magic to escape certain death by the hero that was fighting them. A viscous war was being fought and the devil king and his army were losing traction fast. He was also losing his generals as well, being backed into a corner by the hero of Ente Isla, who we do not know yet.parttimer_title

They vowed one day to return to Ente Isla and conquer it all. When they went through the magic portal, it dropped them onto earth in modern day Japan. Once they arrive, cops pick them up and bring them to the station. Why? because they’re dressed like demon kings in robes and can’t speak Japanese yet. What cop wouldn’t bring them in?

It is made apparent that the devil king still can use magic but in this world it is rather hard to keep it from vanishing, so he has to store it away if he ever hopes to make it back to Ente Isla. He uses it sparingly and on the cops to get information about the world they were just dropped into.

ohhhhhhh… It’s gonna be one of those stories.

The story so far is interesting, I have watched the anime and I loved it. Since there isn’t a second season out yet and there probably wont be one (but i won’t lose hope). I want to know how the story ends and with all the light novels I’ve been reading lately, seeing the differences and similarities from the show to the novel is interesting. I like the way the translation was done as well, while it still gets the point across, there are some funny internet inside jokes here and there as well. I also love how blatant the product placement is. Like… McRonalds? Seriously?

I hop you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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