Danmachi volume 1: a light novel review

So your down in a dungeon, working hard. When suddenly, a massive Minotaur comes around the corner heading your way. He sees you and knows how tasty you look. So what do you, a beginner to this whole dungeon thing, do? Well… YOU RUN! really fast, but he catches up to you and corners you. Breathing heavily on you right before he takes the first bite out of you. Suddenly a beautiful swords-woman comes to your aid and kills it for you. Your saved and it’s love at first sight (for you at least). Once your eyes meet hers you get a massive erection and run off.

haha, ok so the last part didn’t happen but that would be really hilarious right? Hope my dumbness made you laugh a little.

Is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeon? is written by Fujino Omori with illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda. In the anime community it is more widely known as Danmachi, the beginning of the Japanese title is danmachi so it just carried over to the western population too. There are currently 9 volumes out in Japan with 4 currently translated in English with the 5th one coming out in April. It also has a 13 episode anime that aired last year that I think covers up to volume 5 or 6 of the light novel. This also has a manga and multiple spin-offs as well. So needless to say, this a very popular story and for a good reason.

No, not this reason. But this is a good reason to like it too

The novel starts out kind of like this post started out. After the male MC, named Bell Cranel, runs out of the dungeon with his proverbial tail between his legs, he meets up with a secretary named Eina at guild headquarters where he exchanges shards that he gets from killing monsters. For an adventurer like Bell, shards can be turned into the guild for money. The bigger the shard or multiple shards, the higher the payout. The woman he fell in love with in the dungeon is named Aiz Wallenstein, She is a member of the Loki Familia. She is the best swords-woman in the city. Big hurdle to get her to notice you right? For a more in depth introduction to this light novel check out Ground Level: Danmachi volume 1 that I published a week or so ago.

Bell lives in a ruined church, in the basement with his goddess, Hestia. Who is completely in love with him by the way. Gods and goddess’ came down from their world to inhabit theirs. They did so because they were bored just chillin in the clouds. Upon coming down to earth, they established a rule where no god or goddess were allowed to use their powers. Once this was established, the gods went around doing whatever they pleased. But they had to abide by human rules, which meant eating. Obviously the gods didn’t get free food, so they had to work for it. This brought on the familias, which are groups of adventurers who travel down into the dungeon to acquire shards so they can pay for stuff. The gods in turn have their own “children” as they call them, to make the money for them so they can do what they please. If your Hestia though, you only a few members (Bell is the only member of Hestia’s familia so far) you have to work as well.

soooooooooooo cute!

This novel ends with a victorious battle and multiple girls having an unquenchable thirst for Bell-kun. I’m happy with how this first volume panned out. It had a lot of action, just enough backstory and character development making me want more, and the I like that they didn’t introduce a bunch of characters at the beginning of this volume. It seems that in shows as character driven as these, the more characters that are introduced the more spread out the development of everyone becomes. I’m happy with what was given to me in this volume and look forward to reading the 2nd volume very soon.

Hestia is bestia


The world the author has created is interesting. The fantasy/gaming style world is not completely original but there are a lot of elements in the world that I like a lot. The storytelling in this novel is different as well. When Bell is the narrator, it is one long train of thought about what is going on. The author puts everything that Bell is thinking down on paper. I can tell that the author had an extreme amount of fun writing this. It reads how we all think. That inner monologue, every little detail regardless of how important it is, is written down in the book. It sounds tedious and boring to read stuff that isn’t exactly pertinent information but I feel it gives a sort of relatability to Bell as a character. You start to feel like you are invested in him or he might be your spirit animal. Why? Because you know almost everything about what he is going through. The struggles and his thirst to be on the same level as Aiz.


Overall what I expected when I went into this novel, I received and then some. What I look for in these types of stories is a way to keep me hooked and wanting to finish it in one sitting ( which I almost did). The story has so many elements that can be explored, I hope they capitalize on that. I like how they added in meta humor, like “loli big boobs” as a funny name to call Hestia. I low key lost my shit when they called her that. With all the humor and action, there are places where this story lacks as well. Bell has the uncanny ability to gain experience at an alarming race, the amount of plot convenience is staggering in this volume and I’m sure it will just continue from here. I doubt this will be alleviated so I will just have to live with it.

So after all of my dirty jokes I give this volume an 8/10. I decided to give it a higher score than originally anticipated due to the amount of enjoyment I received from this volume. I hope it doesn’t lose its charm.

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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