Ground Level: Danmachi volume 1

So I’ve thought of the best idea ever! Lets all go into a dungeon… where untold horrors and monsters await… not to slay monster and be famous, not to be adventurous… You’re close… Exactly!!! To pick up girls…


Alright, kidding aside, this is rather enjoyable so far. I completely understand why this light novel has been so popular in Japan and America (The anime has a lot to do with it being popular in the states I would think). I think the delivery at the beginning was alright. It’s not something I’ve never seen before though. This definitely has it’s fair share of trope moments but for some reason I feel no need to be upset with them. I don’t know if it’s this style of delivery the author has or how the story pans out but even in it’s dumb, clique moments I can’t help but laugh and just enjoy what I’m reading.


The story starts with our main male MC running from sudden death by a Minotaur. He ends up being cornered by this massive beast, just as he is about to die at the hands of this beast. He is saved by a beautiful sword wielder by the name of Aiz Wallenstein. He immediately falls in love with this beautiful woman. Although, after the blood returns to his head, he becomes extremely embarrassed and sprints away screeching all the way out of the dungeon.

After that, he heads down to the guild to meet someone. We now find out our MC is named Bell Cranel. He meets with a woman named Eina who acts more like a big sister than a receptionist. Once their conversation about assorted topics is over (Ahem, particularly about Aiz).He runs off home, which is an abandoned, ruined church where him and his goddess live. The goddess is named Hestia and has a raging hard on for Bell but he’s too dense to see that of course.

Hestia is a goddess that came down Tenkai, the homeland of the gods and goddess’, to live among the people. This happened quite some time ago, the gods came down because they “were bored” and “wanted to have some fun”. Over time, the the gods made rules and became more curious about this world. The main rule stated is “no god or goddess is allowed to use their power.” We’ll see if that actually holds true or not in the later chapters or volumes. Hestia is known as one of the poorest of the gods down on earth due to lack members in her familia, because of this she has secured a part-time job while Bell is in the dungeon collecting shards.

Eina judging you like…

The money system for adventurers like Bell goes like: you go down into the dungeon, slay demons and monsters, once you slay the monster they drop a shard, you will then bring the shards to the guild and they will pay you for these shards. These shards have magical tendencies which make them valuable resources. The bigger the shard or more you have, the higher the profit. Since Bell isn’t very strong yet, he doesn’t really rack in too much.

This story has a heavy gaming influence. When someone receives a blessing from a god and is entered into the familia, you gain hieroglyphs on your back that display your “stats”. Such as agility, defense, strength etc. You can also level up once you get strong enough to do so.

I like the world so far. It is very interesting and more and more information is given as time goes on. I’m excited to continue this story, if all else fails, this story has kept me interested.

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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