Spring Break is here!

Finally! Spring break is here! Although I have tons of school work and paperwork to deal with for my internship and study abroad program. This will be a nice week off of classes but the course load is as big as ever.

For anyone who has spring break the same time as me, I hope it will be more fun filled than mine. I’m still fairly new to this whole blog thing. So I guess this an update post? (I think?)

How I really want my spring break to go

This has already been a wonderful experience so far and I will to the best of my ability continue to keep blogging. This has become very therapeutic for me. My life is very hectic and has been that way for almost 3 years. Having an outlet where I can talk about what interests me without fear of judgement has really set my mind at ease. Being able to talk to people on social media about anime and manga is a lot of fun. Just reading peoples tweets about what they think about a certain show is fun. I feel like a kid who just discovered his first love for something. Even though I’m a business major with no real writing talent. This has definitely become one of favorite hobbies now.

So… Here are some things I want to talk about and unveil to you all about my blog and what is in store for this upcoming month. I think I’m going to put out a blog update every month but it depends on if there will be anything I deem important enough to actually talk about. Some of the stuff I talk about may be personal but I don’t know yet. This is a journey with no clear destination.

To start off I’m going to talk a little more about myself. Some of my hobbies include: physics and astronomy, competitive cycling, Major league baseball (Go Tigers!), rock climbing, kayaking, camping, and any other outdoor recreation you can think of. I am currently a Junior in college pursuing a Bachelor of science in entrepreneurship. I hope to, once I graduate, conduct business in the Asian countries. Be it either marketing, sales, or management. I’m not particularly sure what actual profession I want to be in. I think sales would be the best option for me right now. My father and grandfather were both salesman, so I have salesman blood in my veins.

on my way class like…

But enough about myself! Here are some things that have been in the works. My goal for spring break is not only to just catch up with my school work but to get a bunch of posts out as well. I have decided to branch out a little more as well. I’m thinking of having another non-anime section possibly about physics and astronomy and the different crazy and cool theories that are out there. I also want to catch up with this current season’s anime. unfortunately I have been unable to watch anything from this season (I’m a disgrace as an anime fan!) but I hope to actually watch some. Primarily myriad colors, I keep seeing adds about it and it looks right up my alley along with many others in this season. I’ve been thinking of continuing to post about my spiritual journey as well. I don’t think it will be very often though. I have also been thinking about a major lifestyle change recently. I am unsure if I will actually go through with it but if I do, I will do at least one post about it.

So there it is, I’m excited to get started! Here’s to having spring break, but being bogged down with school work. anyway…

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!




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