Ground level: No Game, No Life

Hello, welcome!

This is going to be another new series I decided to start! Ground level will essentially be me giving my first impressions on anime, manga, and light novels. These entries will be on the shorter side as well. So, lets get right into it.


No Game, No Life is another good light novel that currently has 4 volumes translated in English with many more in Japanese. It is written by the eccentric author Yuu Kamiya and published by Yen Press.

The story centers around a brother and sister duo. Sora, an 18 year old virgin (they specifically added that twice in the prologue) who is a NEET (not employed, in education or training) and the sister Shiro, an 11 year old truant who skips school but has the ability to beat a computer at chess 20 times in a row. Both of them are geniuses in gaming, but are social shut-ins. They go by the name ” ” (blank), they are known as an urban legend because they have never lost match, battle, fight, you name it and they have won. They don’t lose, so one day they receive an email inviting them to play a chess game. The duo ended up winning, the match lasted 6 hours! They were definitely emotionally drained afterwards. Upon their victory they receive another email from the same sender. This email, for a lack of a better term, sucks them into a new world. A world where everything is decided by games.

I have only read the prologue and the first part of the first chapter but so far I am enjoying what I reading. The story definitely grabbed me from the start. How the sibling duo sees life and how they were treated not only by society but also by their parents. To the point where they were essentially abandoned by their parents, the set up for this light novel is definitely very interesting. I have seen the anime adaptation but it was quite some time ago. So I don’t really remember much about it. Which is really nice, that way I can provide a relatively decent review of the volumes without showing bias to the light novel or anime, or making any comparisons.

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!

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